Welcome to SkippersMate.co.nz

Author: Peter Hackett   Date Posted:5 October 2015 

Greetings from “Over the Ditch”.

This is my companion site to www.SkippersMate.com.au where you can buy here in NZ dollars and still get the same great value as when you shop on the Australian site. You can pay in New Zealand dollars via PayPal, Credit Card or even NZ bank account. We still have the same shipping policy - prices include delivery door-to-door or PO box. The big difference is that the prices won’t fluctuate on a daily basis. When you have to convert NZ dollars to Aussie dollars on the Australian site, prices constantly change due to the regularly updated currency exchange rate. Everything listed here is under NZ$400 so there will be no customs duty to pay when your purchase lands in New Zealand. For a bigger range of products and higher value items, go to www.SkippersMate.com.au – postage to NZ is still free. Welcome and please provide feedback and reviews.