PLB Weight Comparison Chart

Author: Peter Hackett   Date Posted:28 August 2017 

I wish I had a dollar coin for the number of times clients have used the weight of their potential PLB purchase as the deciding factor.

Now you can stop worrying about this factor because it really is fruitless. The weight range between the RescueMe, KTi and ACR brands is no more than a few coins in your pocket. Ask yourself, when taking into account the backpack weight on land or a lifejacket in the sea, can you tell the difference? No! The attached comparison chart will help make this statement more obvious when you see which coins I refer to.

What about their size?

What you don't see displayed in images or on the shop counter is the neoprene pouch attached to the Rescue Me and ACR ResQLink models. To comply with Au/NZ PLB Standards, all PLBs must have the ability to float, so the manufacturers for these two models provide a flotation pouch. The reason you don't receive a pouch with the ACR ResQLink+ model, like the KTi Safety SA2G is because they both have built in buoyancy chambers. KTi provide free additional pouches for waist/belt loop, armband or marine lifejacket use. The additional weight of the pouches / carry cases is not taken into account in the comparison chart.

Manufacturer's PLB Specifications:

KTi Safety Alert SA2G Ocean Signal Rescue Me PLB1 ACR ResQLink ACR ResQLink+

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