Why are our PLB and EPIRB beacons so cheap?

Author: Peter Hackett   Date Posted:27 January 2018 

I had a question today from a customer which stunned me. "Your PLB beacons are so cheap - what's wrong with them?" He thought that the more expensive PLB's available for sale at other retailers in New Zealand must be superior to mine because they cost more!

After putting my lower jaw back in place, I explained that there was nothing inferior with the PLB products that I sell. They are all genuine brands from the original manufacturer and fresh off the production line. Dates are current and they are under manufacturers' warranty. So why are they so much cheaper from SkippersMate? I really don't know.

Perhaps the question he should have been asking local sellers is "Why are you so much more expensive?"

On our many trips to New Zealand, we have been gobsmacked by the cost of beacons there - something which we consider an essential piece of safety equipment. In my previous corporate life, I have managed large plant machinery where safety considerations are paramount. I have been a Workplace Health and Safety Officer and for many years, a Coast Guard volunteer and VHF radio trainer - so I have always been passionate about safety in both work and leisure environments. We aren't so altruistic that we don't profit from the sales of beacons to New Zealand but we aren't greedy and also believe in giving back a little - hence our prices and support for the Aspiring Avalanche Dogs based in Wanaka and Ghost Fishing NZ in Wellington.

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Don't hesitate get a PLB from Peter today!

By: on 25 September 2018
I work in construction health and safety and purchased 3 PLB's from Peter, two for myself and my family, and one as a company giveaway. All PLB's arrived very quickly on our doorstep and all had long battery life. I was also shocked at the cost from our NZ retailers and some of them have been sitting on the shelf so long they didn't have the full 7 years as advertised so i looked elsewhere. I will continue to use and recommend Skippers mate to everyone i know. Who doesn't like quality at an affordable price?!

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